The Brighten Up Series transforms difficult to light and often forgotten rooms into extraordinary spaces filled with pure, natural daylight. Highly effective and simple to install, these models can transform dark interior rooms and light more expansive spaces when used in multiples, creating a unique architectural effect.

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Solatube Heavenly Intelligent

Sun Tunnels and Tubular Skylights
Sun Tunnels and Tubular Skylights

In today’s home environments, sustainable solutions for living are becoming increasingly important. The Heavenly Intelligent skylight is a product resulting from extensive research and design excellence. The Laser Light bending technology uses unique in-built prisms to harness the natural sunlight allowing direct and indirect light to pass through the roof.The Heavenly Intelligent design is fully transparent as it is an all-in-one moulding ensuring consistency of light throughout the day. The product aims to meet your needs by providing an innovative method using our largest natural energy source - the Sun.

  • Save on power bills for a relatively small investment
  • A reliable increased flow of natural sunlight into dim rooms
  • Effortless installation requiring minimal modifications to existing structures
  • High quality, no leaks, lighting solution covered by a 8 Year product warranty

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